“It’s ok to LOVE YOURSELF!”

Tabatha Gatson-Washington received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from University of Louisiana at Monroe. She also received an Associate’s Degree in Medical Laboratory Science from South Arkansas University. She worked in the field of Medical Technology, specializing in Oncology and Urology for over 25 years. Though Tabatha was a devoted wife, mother & dedicated scientist, she battled weight the majority of her life, relating to many people finding it difficult to balance the toils life and a healthy fit lifestyle. Even as a small child, she can recall being called “Army Tank” by family members, due to her large size.  One day, after many failed attempts at weight loss, she had her ‘Aha” moment and decided, if she could manage a household, work full time as a scientist, be a devoted wife and a mother, surely she could figure out how to love herself enough to make to appropriate changes for true ‘health is wealth’ changes. And so, she did. The weight did not come off overnight, as it was steady progression over time, learning how to eat (the when’s and what’s) and how to exercise. Since losing the extra weight, Tabatha remained true to her passions and her strong desire to help others. She’s now a Certified Personal Trainer, a Group Fitness Instructor, a Professional Figure Champion, a Bodybuilding Contest Prepping Trainer, a Glamour, Lifestyle and Fitness Model, a Published Writer, and a Life Coach. She has over nine years of Professional Fitness experience and started competing in the sport of Bodybuilding in her mid-forties. She holds Pro Fitness titles for a number of Natural Bodybuilding Organizations, including NGA, DFAC, IFPA and NPC Masters. Tabatha also maintains her CPR/AED and First Aid Certifications.


Tabatha’s commitment to Personal Training isn’t for women only. Her diverse, fun and eclectic training style, incorporated with Gold Standard Bodybuilding techniques, has allowed her to create a niche’ for herself in the Atlanta area. She’s been able to appeal to men, women and children of all ages and cultures possibly, because she allows her motherly instincts affect her training style, which seems to appeal to her clients. She’s able to push when they need encouragement and she’s able to show leniency when they need compassion. Tabatha’s primary home training facility is OPT Wellness, located in Smyrna, GA, owned by Derek Taylor, whom she has been trained and mentored by since moving to Georgia.


Tabatha Gatson-Washington, became “BODIED BY GIGI” after her first Figure Competition in 2013, where she placed 1st. She’s the mother of two sons, at the time her eldest delivered the news that in October of that year, she (Tabatha), would become a “Grand-Mother!” After laughing hysterically for ten minutes (shock reaction), she embraced the fact that she was about to have a new legacy. Her family decided she was not the typical image of a Granny, hence “GIGI” was born April 2013.  Since that time, she has created an entirely new brand, that still includes inspiring and educating others in fitness and wellness. She’s been able to catapult her humble beginnings and her very, personal story and share it with so many and give them the direction they need for their own fitness journeys to success.


She’d been desiring a larger platform to allow herself an avenue to reach more people and deliver her messages on weight loss, nutrition, lifestyle balance, mental health wellness and most of all- That’s it’s ok to LOVE YOURSELF! And with BODY TALK MEDIA, she’s able to do that each and every week and have a blast while doing it!


Bodied By Gigi



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