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“Get in the best shape and health of your lives and have FUN doing it!”

Melody Marie is a certified personal trainer, Pro fitness competitor, posing coach, contest prep coach, fitness model and published writer. She loves helping people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their fitness goals, as well as live healthy and active lifestyles. Melody has 15+ years of experience in the fitness industry and was trained and mentored by Master Trainer Carlos Jordan. She currently services clients at Ultimate Bodies By Carlos in Atlanta, GA. Melody is also certified in CPR/AED and First Aid. She studied Pre-Medicine and Drama at Spelman College where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Melody has a background in competitive sports where she played volleyball, basketball and track and field throughout her school years.

She was introduced to bodybuilding in 2002 and became a Pro Physique athlete in 2004. Though out her career she has won several national physique championships. Melody continues to compete professionally today. She decided to start branching out and helping other women become successful on the competition stage through coaching. She finds a true fulfillment in seeing her clients own the stage and present their best physiques. Although Melody is still very passionate about training athletes she has decided that helping women, men and children fight obesity is her true passion. Melody believes through proper nutrition, education and exercise obesity can be prevented and help prevent cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes which are clinically proven to be linked to obesity.

Melody is also a Regional Director with ViSalus the #1 weight loss and fitness challenge platform in North America. ViSalus mission is to lead the way providing a platform for people to come together and fight obesity head-on through good nutrition as their foundation and powerful social network coincides with Melody’s crusade to fight obesity. Both Melody and ViSalus are committed to providing a real solution to the growing global epidemic named obesity. For more information about the fitness-increasing and weight-reducing products click the website provided.

Now through Body Talk Media Melody is excited about having a larger platform to motivate and encourage individuals to get in the best shape and health of theirs lives and have FUN doing it!


Melody Marie

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